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Terms and conditions


If you use the online shop at en.doreliacosmetics.eu, you are deemed to accept and agree to these terms.
This document contains the General Terms and Conditions under which Dorelia Cosmetics Ltd. provides services to its users through the online store at en.doreliacosmetics.eu, hereinafter referred to as SHOP. Anyone who uploads the web address en.doreliacosmetics.eu in his technical device will be called a CONSUMER for short.
When loading any page from the SHOP with the hyperlinks embedded in them, as well as on other pages of esuop.doreliacosmetics.eu or through the use or payment of products or services offered by the User, the User agrees, accepts and undertakes to complies with these Terms and Conditions.

Users are identified in order to determine their acceptance of these Terms of Service, which is done through the user’s IP address of the en.doreliacosmetics.eu server and other information stored in the log files.

Site Usage Policy
Dorelia Cosmetics Ltd., as the owner of the SHOP, gives you the right to download and view all material that is published for non-commercial personal use only. You must abide by and comply with all copyrights. The materials of the SHOP shall not be altered in any way, distributed in public, copied or distributed for any public or commercial purpose. The use of materials published in the STORE on other sites is prohibited. The service provided by the SHOP is valid for the Republic of Bulgaria.

Rights and responsibilities of the parties

Products and services in the SHOP are limited to these conditions. Dorelia Cosmetics Ltd. does not guarantee the accuracy and integrity of the published product information. Dorelia Cosmetics Ltd. has the right at any time and without warning to make changes in the published products, services and prices.
Some of the information posted on this Site may refer to products or services that are not currently available and are not currently available. For further information you can contact us at the contact details provided.


The SHOP, its suppliers or third parties, shall not be liable under any circumstances for any damages including, but not limited to damages from lost profits, loss of information or other resulting use, inability to use or results from the use of the SHOP. In the event that the use of the SHOP or its products causes damage to you, you assume all responsibility and all costs associated with the repair of the damage.

In order to purchase products or services from the SHOP, you submit personal information. This information is protected by the Personal Data Protection Act. The SHOP uses personal information to improve the services it offers. Sometimes we use the information you submit to be able to obtain the information you need to fulfill your request for products or services.
The information you submit will NOT be provided to third parties, except for the company selected for the purpose of providing courier services in fulfillment of your commitments to the territory of the country.

The hyperlinks from the SHOP to Web sites owned by third parties are provided solely for your convenience. If you use these hyperlinks, the SHOP assumes no responsibility for them or their contents. When visiting any of these sites, the User does so entirely at his own risk and at his own risk.

Changes in commodity prices

The SHOP has the right to change prices at any time without due notice to consumers. The consumer is obliged to pay the price that was current at the time of placing the order. In the event of technical errors in the publication of information, the SHOP has the right to refuse the execution of the order and does not owe compensation to the consumer in any way, except to recover the sums paid by the consumer, if any.
Reduced prices are announced, with the new price below the old price, which has been deleted.

The SHOP may change the General Terms and Conditions at any time by updating the date of publication. The user is obliged to periodically visit the Terms and Conditions page to see any changes.

Rights and obligations under the Consumer Protection Act

According to the PPL en.doreliacosmetics.eu provides you with the following information:

1. Dorelia Cosmetics Ltd., Sofia, 50 Varna Street

2. The main product features are described on the product introduction page.

3. The price of the goods is indicated on the product presentation page.

4. The cost of shipping costs is NOT included in the price of the goods. They are described separately in the order and are charged to the price of the goods when determining the final payment price.

5. There is no added value in using the means of communication provided with us.

6. Delivery methods are described below

Refusal of ordered products

The consumer has the right to withdraw from the ordered products within 7 working days of their receipt in case they have not been used, the integrity of their packaging has not been violated and in the form in which it has been received and the conditions under Art. .1) of the LPP. This can be done in the ways specified for contact in the STORE. The transportation costs in this case are at the expense of the User and are paid to the courier upon taking them for transportation back to the SHOP. The amount paid shall be reimbursed to the User according to the method of payment except for the transport costs.
If a defective product is found within 24 hours. upon receipt and in the case of undisturbed commercial appearance of the goods and the packaging, the SHOP undertakes to replace it with a new one under the warranty conditions of the respective producer company or to restore the value of the goods paid by the User in accordance with Article 55 of the Law on Public Procurement of Republic of Bulgaria, effective from the date, to which the User has exercised his right of withdrawal.
If the received products do not correspond to the ordered ones, the SHOP replaces the products on its own account without additional fees for the User.

In the absence of ordered products from the User, the SHOP may offer alternative products of the same value. If the User refuses to replace the products, the SHOP refunds the amount paid.

In case of any defects in the appearance of the goods during transport, you should contact the courier for a damaged shipment protocol.


Terms used

Applicant: The person who selects the products from the SHOP, completes the data and initiates the order by performing it on his own behalf or on behalf of the legal entity from which he is authorized.

Consignee: A natural or legal person who may be different from the applicant and who receives the products ordered at the address specified by the applicant.

In order to place an order, the applicant must fill in the necessary details at the indicated places.

The recipient’s data may be different from the ordering’s data. In this case, the payment must be made in advance, after which it will be delivered to the recipient’s address.

If possible, delivery will be by courier at the time indicated by the sender. If this is not possible, a store representative will contact the sender to specify another delivery day and time.

Delivery problems
If the delay of delivery or the earlier and execution of the time interval specified by you is not due to the reasons that have arisen on your part, the re-delivery is at the expense of the Store.

If you need a courier to come back for your delivery, for reasons that have arisen on your part, you bear the cost of the reshipment. Your reasons may be yours or your authorized person’s absence to accept the delivery and make the payment when it is declared in cash.

Delivery time

Deliveries are made from 9am to 6pm on weekdays and Saturday until 2pm.
Delivery of your orders will be completed within 3 (three) business days from the date of the request, if made within 10 hours. If made after this hour, the next business day will be taken.

Shipping rates


Your orders are only accepted electronically through the online store.

Please be careful when entering your e-mail address, as cash and bank order confirmation is effected through it.

The system will inform you that your order has been accepted. Even when you finalize your order, you will be able to see all the products you buy, the amount you will pay, the payment method, the delivery address. If you notice any inaccuracy in the information you provided, please call us immediately.

Accepting orders

All orders you submit to www.en.doreliacosmetics.eu are accepted 24 hours a day.
The online shop of en.doreliacosmetics.eu offers quality cosmetic products (white, medical, bio, luxury, cosmetics for men, for children), gift kits from established Bulgarian manufacturers only from Bulgaria.

Regular promotions and discounts for regular customers!

You can place your order online at any time or call our phones on 0884122771 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.