Ampoules Serum for face with botox-like effect, 2×3 ml


Face Serum botox effect – with hexapeptides and hyaluronic acid

It contains collagen-stimulating peptides to fill the fine lines and wrinkles, which is a synthetic peptides with Botox-like activity. They are effective without pain, invasiveness, cost and side effects of Botox. Entering the skin surface hexapetides relax muscle and tone the epidermis. Acting heavily on so-called dynamic wrinkles, gently relax the muscles. Particularly effective are the area around the eyes and mouth.

-Hialuronic acid keeps the skin moist and protected from environmental influences. Skin is visibly firmer, velvety soft, toned and tan is more even.

How to use: Break off top ampoule and apply the contents onto face and neck and massage gently. Once opened, it is recommended to use it at once.

Packaging: box with two vials of 3 ml.

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