Scented candle Lavender, 200 g


Bulgaria is famous for its many medicinal plants and beneficial aromas of antiquity. This is not accidental! With a moderate continental climate and varied relief, a rich palette of plants with healing properties is formed here. Lavender with its strong relaxing aroma is one of them. The aromatic candle with lavender essential oil, decorated with dried lavender flowers, will bring a fragrance of the Bulgarian Rose Valley to your home. You will run it with a pleasant sedative aroma of lavender essential oil.

Candle is handmade. It is in a cardboard box with a description of; English, German, Russian, Romanian, Hungarian and Bulgarian. Suitable as a unique Bulgarian gift or for your own use.


  1. Keep out of the reach of children!
  2. Keep the burning wick 10 mm.
  3. When the candle remains below 15 mm. to extinguish.
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