Rose oil, 1 ml


The bulgarian rose oil has been known throughout the whole world as high-quality and refined etheric oil. The production of the precious liquid is achieved by means of distillation of thousands of blossoms of the oleaginous rosa damascena. This rose oil of the highest quality is produced from the oleaginous rose cultivated in an ecological region of bulgaria – the rose valley. It consists of over 250 microelements. The rose oil has a wonder-working effect on the human organism and is widely used in cosmetics, pharmacy and food industry. Many designers in the world choose the bulgarian rose oil as a component of their perfumes. The cosmetic products containing this unique elixir have a revitalizing, soothing and moisturizing effect. They stimulate cell revitalization, have a soothing effect and remove the inflammation, at the same time slowing the process of skin ageing.


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