Ampoules Regenerating serum with snail extract and collagen, 2×3 ml


Very rich and balanced formula to return youth and health of skin!

– extract from snail improves skin condition by increasing the natural ability of the dermis to absorb and retain water. The extract acts stimulating the development of new fiber collagen and elastin, and increases the production of proteins. Incorporated as a cosmetic product it protects, deeply moisturizes, renews and activates the regeneration of skin damaged by acne, injuries, overloading, photo-aging.


-Collagen is the most important protein in the human body and essential element of the connective tissue. Directly responsible for skin condition, eyeball bone matrix, hair and nails. According to the latest research, the state of collagen determines the biological age of the person who can most easily be detected by changes in skin condition. The production of collagen is vital for healthy skin, hair, bones and joints. The reduced levels of collagen are especially noticeable in the skin since it loses its elasticity and becomes prone to wrinkling with age. With marine collagen to reduce the signs of aging and the negative effects of toxins.


-The serum contains oil from sea buckthorn.  The unique combination of  vitamins, carotenoids and amino acids, mutually enhance their physiological effects against aging processes.

How to use: Break off top ampoule and apply the contents onto face and neck. After opening the ampoules it is recommended to be used at once or stored in refrigerator up to 5 days.

Packing: Box of 2 x 3 mL vials.



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