Aromatic bath bomb with lavender essential oil, 110 g

The aromatic bath bomb with lavender essential oil delivers both a pleasant refreshing cosmetic effect and an aromatherapy effect on the mind and the whole body. The ingredients of the product are selected in quantities that provide a pleasant soothing and softening effect on the skin. The salts tighten the pores and disinfect, and the baking soda softens and relaxes the skin. The added lavender oil helps to rejuvenate the cells, nourishes the skin, supports microcirculation and removes skin irritations. The scent of lavender affects states of irritation, stress and anxiety, reducing tension, fatigue, nervousness and headaches. Lavender oil bath bomb has a relaxing effect on both the skin and the whole body.

How to use: Fill a bath with warm water and drop the aroma bomb in it. Soak in the aroma of lavender for 15-20 minutes. For a more pleasant experience you can light a candle with the scent of Lavender.