Revitalizing shampoo with Argan oil, natural bulgarian Rose oil and Keratin, 250 ml


A unique formula enriched with argan oil, natural rose water and ceratine, restoring the natural softness and shine of the hair. Gently cleans all types of hair locking up the moisture into the hair. The high level of essential fatty acids in the argan oil neutralizes the free radicals and protects the scull against the harmful climatic influences. The rose water contributes to the soothing and healing of the skin and scull. The ceratine is a protein which is a main building block of the hair. It penetrates deeply into the hair structure, nourishes and fills in the porous and damaged sections. The result is a silky softness and shine of the hair.

How to use: Apply small part of the shampoo on the hair. Gently massage until foam is generated. Wash out with lukewarm water.


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