Tibetan herbal balm with mumiyo, 75 ml




For massaging parts of the body, where there is pain during movement and a feeling of stiffness.  It helps to relieve pain after being applied over the tender areas, such as joints, tendons and muscles.

It has a consolidating effect on the blood vessels of the skin and the subcutaneous tissues, and helps to decrease the inflammation in the affected areas in cases of uncomplicated varicose veins, light trauma and external hemorrhoids.  After the product is massaged onto the skin the pain is quickly relieved.

The balm stimulates the circulation and eliminates the “cold feet” symptom. It also improves the condition of the skin, as it nourishes it and restores its normal tonus and elasticity.

USAGE: The balm is to be applied on the painful area at least twice a day, using a light, but continuous massage (5-6 minutes) for maximum penetration of the active ingredients, for a period of one month. After that, to sustain the effect, the product is to be applied once a day.


Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep away from the reach of children. For external use only.


“Tibetan herbal balm with mumiyo” is a product, which combines the unique properties of mumiyo, valuable herbal extracts, cold-pressed basic and essential oils in a specific combination, acting in a natural way – fast and intensive. Valuable components of the oils, such as lecithin, vit.E, provitamin A, phytosteroles etc., have been preserved.

MUMIYO is a medicinal substance that has been known for thousands of years in eastern medicine.In ancient times it was used to cure broken bones, unhealing wounds, swelling and other chronic diseases. Mumiyo is a natural combination of organic and inorganic substances which are soluble in water. The inorganic part contains more than 50 chemical elements, including over 30 rare microelements (cobalt, selenium, vanadium and even gold), about 10 different metal oxides, silicate bonds etc. In the organic part there are about 30 groups of biologically active compounds – micro and macroelements, proteins, amino acids, alkaloids, coumarines, phospholipids, vitamins, humane acids etc., which dilate the peripheral blood vessels and improve the nourishment of tissues and bones. It tones the veins, and is therefore successfully applied in the treatment of thrombophlebitis and hemorrhoids. Mumiyo accelerates the regeneration of tissues and helps to heal bruises, burns and frost bite.

Another valuable substance found in the herbal balm is PROPOLIS – a resin, which is made by worker bees. It is one of the most valuable bee products and has a wide range of biological activity, without being toxic to humans in any way. There is data that it has been used to treat wounds and burns even in ancient Greece. It is also useful in the treatment of swelling and in reducing stiffness and pain in the tendons. Its antibacterial activity is one of its most prominent characteristics.

INGREDIENTS: Mumiyo, propolis, beeswax, vaseline, lanolin, nettle, geranium and calendula extracts, oils form juniper, lavender, pine, eucalyptus, hyssop, tea tree, apricot, sunflower and mustard.