Restructuring moisturizing night cream with Argan oil, natural bulgarian Rose oil and Creatine, 40 ml


An intensive formula for revitalization and nourishing. The efficient combination of argan oil and natural bulgarian rose oil restores the hydrolipidic balance of the skin and fights against damages caused by stress and unfavourable environmental factors.

It contains:

– Argan oil – it has a revitalizing effect and prevents the skin from aging. Its effect is enhanced by the high levels of vitamin e which has nourishing and antioxidant properties and essential fatty acids /omega-6/, preserving the moisture of the skin and supplying it with energy.

– Natural rose oil – it neutralizes free radicals due to its 360 microelements

– Creatine – acts as a shield against the loss of energy in the cells and prevents their aging. Due to this ingredient the cells produce elastin and collagen which make the skin tight and elastic.

Gently stimulates cell revitalization while you are sleeping.

No parabens. No colorants. Not animal tested.

How to use: Apply every night with gentle circular motion on well cleansed face until full absorption by the skin.


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