Hair balm mask with Argan oil, natural bulgarian Rose oil and Keratin, 250 ml


Balm mask for gentle care for all hair types. It restores the moisture levels without making the hair look weighed down. The high level of essential fatty acids in the argan oil contributes to the restoration of the natural strength and shine of the hair. The rose oil is immediately absorbed by the hair; it penetrates to the roots and gives elasticity to dry and damaged hair. One of the ingredients, ceratine, successfully restores even the most damaged hair by in-depth nourishing and gives it shiny and healthy look. It protects the edges from tearing and splitting. The hair is reincarnated and tamed and the fragrance is unique.

How to use: After washing your hair, apply the balm mask on moist hair. Distribute evenly the quantity from the roots to the tips. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse off.


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